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BEYORGANİK Carob Flour (Gelatin Package) 250gr

For your healthy kitchens, you can consume all our organic and reliable legumes and cereal products with peace of mind.

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    Ingredients: Organic Carob Flour


    Recipe: Carob Milk Drink

    1 Heaping Organic Carob Flour
    1 Tablespoon Flour (optional)
    1 Water Glass Milk (hot or cold)
    Mix all the ingredients well. Your drink is ready.

            Salep Drink

    1 cup of hot milk
    1 Teaspoon Organic Carob Flour
    1 Teaspoon Cocoa
    1 Teaspoon of Cinnamon
    Mix all the ingredients well. It is perfect for managing sweet crises better.

            Ice tea

    1 Glass of Ice
    Organic Chamomile, Fennel or Sage (optional)
    Carob Flour
    Lemon Juice, Orange Juice or Mango Juice (optional)
    Brew the tea of ​​your choice into your tea jug and refrigerate it in your fridge. Then add 1 full glass of ice. After your drink has cooled, you can add carob flour. We recommend adding 1/2 tablespoon of tea to 1 liter of tea. You can add lemon juice, orange juice or mango juice for an extra flavor.

    You can also use cocoa instead of cocoa in all your cake and dessert products.

    Bon Appetit

    It does not contain additives, preservatives, colorants, sugar, starch and chemicals.

    Do not expose to direct sunlight.

    Shelf life is on the packaging.

    ATTENTION !!!: Since organic products do not contain any preservatives or additives, they must be stored in a cool refrigerator environment.

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