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Naturigin Organic Hair Color 5.3 Dark Brown

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Organic hair dye is a natural hair dye that does not contain harmful chemicals.
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    Organic hair dye is a natural hair dye that does not contain harmful chemicals. It does not contain AMMONIA, SLS, SLES, PARABEN, RESORSINOL. Using organic oils in its production, hair dye will make your hair look shiny and help it look fuller and healthier.

    Product features

    1- Does not contain ammonia

    2- Paraben free

    3- Covers whites completely

    4- SLS free

    5- Protects and nourishes hair

    It is applied in a short time like 6- 30 minutes.

    7- Contains natural oils and extras

            Soy Protein Grape Seed Oil

            Castor Oil Apricot Kernel Oil

            Wheat Extract Lemon Peel Oil

            Boxwood Tangerine Husk Oil

            Shea Butter Grapefruit Husk Oil

            Peach Seed Oil Aloe Leaf Oil


    Step 1: Pour the dye capsule into the activator and close the bottle cap and shake to mix well.

    Step 2: Take the gloves out of the English user manual.

    Step 3: Remove the plastic plug from the end of the activator cap and apply it to your hair follicles (use half the bottle at this stage) and wait 25 minutes

    Step 4: Apply the remaining dye to the ends of your hair and wait 10 minutes.

    Step 5: Rinse your hair with water and remove any dye

    6. Step: Wash your hair with the color fixer included in the box.
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